Session Details

More in depth details of what each session will cover:

Extending Excel: Overview of Excel core extensions, APIs and Tools

Charles Williams: VBA & C++ Excel developer, Excel MVP

As developers of Excel addins and solutions we need to keep abreast of the implications of recent Microsoft extensions to Excel:

  • Business Intelligence: Power Pivot and Power BI
  • Data Transformation and Cleansing: Power Query and M language
  • New Charting Engines
  • Cross-Platform
  • Co-Authoring
  • Linked Rich Data Types
  • Integrated JavaScript interpreter
  • JavaScript API
  • Office 365 release cycle

And the APIs, languages and Tools are evolving too:

  • JavaScript
  • COM
  • COM-Interop
  • XLL
  • Open XML

This session will provide an overview of Microsoft’s recent Excel extensions and the strengths and weaknesses of the available APIs.

Excel-DNA: Free and easy .NET for Excel

Govert van Drimmelen: .NET developer

I will provide an overview of Excel-DNA – an independent, open-source project to integrate the .NET platform with Excel. After some historical perspective, I’ll show how full-featured add-ins can be built using C#, Visual Basic.NET or F#, highlighting some basic and more advanced functional areas: high-performance user-defined functions (UDFs), custom ribbon interfaces, real-time data streams and more. To wrap up, I’ll offer some thoughts on future directions for .NET and Excel-DNA.

PyXLL: Python Integration for Excel

Tony Roberts: PyXLL Lead Developer

Topics covered:

  • Why use Python
  • Overview of PyXLL, including Python UDFs, real-time data and custom
    ribbon interfaces.
  • Analysing large datasets in Excel with Python
  • Using Python to script Excel

VSTO (and others) real world Experience

Simon Murphy Visual Studio/Excel developer.

It’s easy to ridicule VSTO, trust me, I have. However I have also deployed several VSTO solutions in to the real world. No technology is perfect, and it may just be that for you, for your project, VSTOs’ benefits may just outweigh its negatives. Like they did for those several projects.

In my talk I’ll do some ridiculing, or course, but I will also identify those use cases where VSTO may actually make perfect sense. I’ll also highlight some of the pitfalls to watch out for, and some of the big bright avoid signs.

I have deployed live solutions with many of the technologies discussed in the event so I have a pretty balanced perspective, I have also worked with or reviewed some other relevant technologies, these drop into the ‘others’ section.