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Develop Excel Conference

The Develop Excel conference will take place in London on Thursday October the 18th 2018. It will be held at the Microsoft Reactor (70 Wilson Street London EC2A 2DB).

Are you responsible for building Excel based Addins and Solutions?

Develop Excel gives you a unique opportunity to meet and learn from the leading international developers of the major Excel extension technologies.

You will:

  • Gain understanding of the comparative merits of available tools, languages and APIs for building Excel extensions
  • Discover the implications for developers and solution builders of Microsoft extensions to core Excel (Dynamic Arrays, Co-Authoring, Linked rich data types, built-in Power Query, M Language, Javascript interpreter and APIs, cross-platform common code-base etc.)
  • Meet the Developers responsible for:
    • Microsoft Excel Extensibility including Javascript
    • Excel DNA: .Net and Excel
    • PyXLL: Python and Excel
    • Planatech XLL Plus: C++ and Excel
    • VBA and XLL Addins and Solutions
  • Network with, socialize and meet other Excel developers of Addins and Solutions.

The conference focuses on the two dimensions of Excel Development: the extensions Microsoft are making to the Excel platform and APIs, and the Addins and Solutions that developers can build on this extended base.

This event is driven and funded by the community. There is no profit motive, just a desire to gather the best brains in the Excel extension space together to share knowledge.

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Please help us to spread the word and encourage people to join us at Develop Excel.

Free sponsorship offer – see Sponsors page for details.

Special thanks to Microsoft for hosting us at the new London Reactor, and for sending a speaker from the Development team responsible for Excel Extensibility.Dev-Team