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We have an impressive list of speakers who have flown in from:

  • USA
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • Ireland
  • Slovenia
  • Switzerland

Juan Balmori

Senior Program Manager – Microsoft Office Extensibility

As Microsoft Office evolved from a Windows platform product with ~3 year release cycles into a Cloud Product available in multiple platforms (namely Win32, iOS, Mac, Online, Android) and with potentially weekly updates, a new extensibility platform (based on Web Standards such as HTML5 and JS) was required so that developers can extend Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, One Note in a write-once, run-everywhere-Office-is-supported fashion. I am a founding member of the Office Extensibility team since the Office 2013 release where we started the new platform (known as Office Web Add-ins) from scratch and grew it into the multi-million user base we have today.

Patrick O’Beirne

Into spreadsheets and training since VisiCalc and VBA since Excel 95, now since Eusprig started in 2000, poacher turned gamekeeper as spreadsheet auditor / tester/ reviewer as well as developer of data analysis and reporting addins. Author of book ‘Spreadsheet Check and Control’ and XLTest auditing addin.
Systems Modelling website:
LinkedIn profile:
Twitter: @ExcelAnalytics

Charles Williams

Independent Excel consultant for over 20 years: fanatical about Excel performance and extensibility. Develops C++ XLLs and VBA Addins and solutions, and currently dabbling with Javascript. Author of the FastExcel, SpeedTools multi-threaded function library, Manager Pro and Name Manager addins.
Microsoft Excel MVP since 2009.


Govert van Drimmelen


Govert is a software developer based in Johannesburg, building inventory monitoring systems for the grain-handling industry. His enthusiasm for the .NET platform, and wanting to bring a modern programming environment to the most important application in the world, led to the development of Excel-DNA in 2005. While that quest continues, he also dabbles in mathematics, music, biology and traditional martial arts.


Tony Roberts

Lead developer and director of PyXLL. Tony has worked as a developer in the finance industry for the last 14 years, from small hedge funds to the largest sell side organisations and more recently was CTO at a successful fintech startup. In 2010 he launched PyXLL, a Python Excel Add-In with thousands of users in a variety of industries. In a previous life he developed graphics engines for console games.

Bruce Belson


Designer of XLL Plus and director at Planatech Solutions. Worked for many years in software development and financial product development for investment banks and other finance industry companies. Now provides consultancy and development support for developers, with a focus on Excel integration.



Gašper Kamenšek

  • Microsoft MVP for Excel from Slovenia
  • Consultant and Trainer @
  • Lead Author @
  • Speaker @ 50+ conferences
  • Trainer with 900+courses
  • Trainer with 5000+ attendees

Simon Murphy

  • At one point spreadsheets I had built or maintained were analysing over 1 trillion dollars.
  • Developed one of the most popular spreadsheet auditing tools
  • Part of the Microsoft Office advisory group for Excel 2010
  • Using Excel since it was called Lotus
  • Using VBA since before it was called XLM
  • Currently working in commodity front office development in .net, SQL and Excel
  • (And dabbling in Kotlin development on Android)
  • Has a tired old blog over at smurf
  • And a tireder old site at codematic

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