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This event is a community driven one. There is no profit motive, just a desire to gather the best brains in the Excel extension space together to share knowledge.

But we need your help to publicise our Develop Excel event.

Free Sponsorship Deal

We will publicise your organisation and your addin products on the website and at the event in return for you publicising Develop Excel and attending the event. There is no additional charge for this offer: just register for Develop Excel with a Contribution Ticket and email us with your publicity plans for Develop Excel, together with your logo, url and max 40 words promotional slogan.


Decision Models FastExcel V3 and Manager Pro.

  • Find and prioritise your Excel Calculation Bottlenecks
  • Use 90 additional fast worksheet functions to speed up your workbook
  • Manager Pro: Improved trace precedents, debug formulas, Name Manager Pro and more.


PyXLL: Python In Excel

Python for Power. Excel for Convenience.

PyXLL is an Excel add-in that enables you to extend Excel using nothing but
Python code.

For organizations who want to provide Python-based algorithms and analyses
to end users in Excel, PyXLL makes Python a performant, flexible back-end
for Excel worksheets.

Jinx: The Excel Java Add-In

Excel with the performance of Java.

Create high performance Microsoft Excel user defined functions (UDFs),
macros, menus and more in Java.

SpreadServe: spreadsheet automation for XLL heavy pricing and risk sheet

XLTest : from Systems Modelling

In-depth spreadsheet auditing.
Reveals the internal and hidden structure of a workbook to highlight inconsistencies or “bad smells”. It can scan thousands of files for a high level summary, compare formulas and VBA, and run test cases.



Free and easy .NET for Excel:


My Online Training Hub

My Online Training Hub specialise in online Excel training, including Dashboards, Power Query, Power Pivot and more. There are loads of free resources like webinars and tutorials to get you up and running fast.

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AJP Excel Information

Advanced Excel consulting, specialising in data presentation.


Advanced Excel/Visual Studio development consulting.


The Unviewable+ project is an attempt to once and for all protect
intellectual VBA property without external file dependencies from the
lion’s share of hacking tricks. The current methods to protect VBA code are
either very weak or quite complex.


QueryStorm is an IDE and run-time for using SQL and C# in Excel:

  • Work with Excel tables via SQL and C#/Linq
  • Join data from Excel tables with data from databases
  • Replace VBA with C#



A database designed specifically for Excel

* simplifies complicated operations
* radically increases the power of Excel
* introduces complete data audit(and formula free debug)
* separates logic from data
* fully simultaneous multi-user
* develop powerful applications using Excel and Excel skills

Now developed in both VSTO and Javascript


Hub 85 gives a real-time macro view on spreadsheets across the entire

– See what spreadsheets exist, who is using them, what
spreadsheets are doing and how critical they are to the organisation.

– Automatically analyse workflow, identify operational risks and
make more informed data-driven decisions.


Add-in Express

All-in-one framework that includes a set of .NET components, visual designers, wizards and solution templates for developing secure, managed, isolated, deployable and version-neutral Microsoft Office extensions.




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